A new RSS reader

In August my favorite RSS reader app died. When I tried to open the app on my iPhone it crashed. Deleted the app and tried to reinstall it from the App Store. Missing. Looks like either Apple or the app writer deleted it from the store. Mildly annoying because a) it was the best RSS reader I found and b) I actually paid for it and can’t use it.

The other RSS reader apps were cluttered with too many controls and features so I decided to create an RSS reader that runs in your web browser. The requirements list is a bare minimum:

  1. Add and delete RSS feeds.
  2. Display/hide read articles.

The result is Estate51. Because it’s web-based so there’s nothing to download and have to keep updated. People are skeptical about web apps but in this case it makes sense. RSS app writers have to spend a huge amount of time and energy building into their app a way to display web pages (that’s the entire point of the app). So they end up creating a web browser from scratch which is a monumental undertaking. Real web browsers such as Safari and Firefox have huge teams of developers with decades of experience writing browsers.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Because Estate5 works in your browser, all of the functionality of your browser is available. Want to add an article to your browser’s reading list? Done. Bookmark it? Done. Display the article as simple text without any extraneous colors and image? Done. Ad blockers? If you have one installed on your browser, done. (RSS apps typically don’t have ad blockers.)

Estate5 is free to use. Try it and tell me what you think.

  1. The original three estates of the realm were the clergy, nobles, and peasants. Then came the fourth estate, the press. The fifth estate is made of bloggers and non-mainstream journalists.