Your business needs a website (that isn't Facebook)

10 Apr 2018

1. They’re ignoring you on Facebook

The Facebook news feed has a staggering amount of content and not enough space to display it, so only the most popular items (items people click on) are shown. Your company’s Facebook updates will not show up in other people’s feed.

2. Search engines find you

If you own a bed & breakfast in Brevard County, and someone searches for bed and breakfast Brevard, you want your B&B’s site to be one of the first listed. A dedicated website allows people and other businesses to link to it, which improves your search engine ranking over time.

3. No competitor ads

Facebook can place your competitor’s ad next to your Facebook listing. Awful.

4. Control

Your site can look any way you want. You can add a shopping cart, a catalog, a contact form, or a survey.

5. Privacy

On Facebook everyone knows how many fans you have, nice if you’re the industry leader, not so nice if you’re new. With your website you can install a secure analytics package, which tells where your visitors are from, who referred them to you, etc.

6. Professional email addresses

It looks more professional to have an email address which matches your company name: looks better than

7. No cheating

In 2019 Facebook agreed to pay $40 million to advertisers who claimed Facebook inflated video ad metrics by 150-900%.