Why Python?

1. Simple yet powerful. Python is easy to learn so you could teach it to schoolchildren, yet it’s powerful enough to run the systems for a large company.

2. Portable. Python runs on all major desktop and server platforms. No changes are needed for most scripts to be completely platform-independent.

3. Growing. Python has a large and growing developer base, with new capabilities being added regularly.

4. Slice and dice. Because of its built-in ability to slice strings, Python excels at chopping up and gluing together pieces of text. If you need to turn a huge pile of text and numbers into useful data, Python makes it easy.

5. Batteries included. Python has a large number of built-in data types, functions, and modules. Often you will find that what you’re trying to accomplish is already built into the language, and requires only a few commands instead of pages of script writing on your part.

6. Acme jet-powered roller skates. Python can run the operations of a major corporation, yet it is simple enough to be taught to a child. It’s like a toy that you push a button and it turns into a skateboard. Push another and it’s a sports car. Push another and it’s a fighter jet. Push another and it folds back up and fits into your pocket.