A journal app written in Python. Uses the cryptography package for security.

How to install it

pip3 install emonk

How to use it

emonk <words or tags to search for>


-h --help               Show help.
-e --edit               Edit entries.
--from-date FROM_DATE   Get entries from this date.
-n N                    Get last N entries.
-t --tags               List tags.
--to-date TO_DATE       Get entries to this date.
-v --version            Show version number.

Write a journal entry

emonk apples oranges

Enclose the OR with quotes.

emonk "apples|oranges"

Edit entries containing “apples”

emonk -e apples

Import journal entries from text file

emonk < lastweek.txt

Export journal entries to text file

emonk > exported.txt


MIT license.

Contact me

Send bug reports and patches to craig@seagrape.us.